Friday, 4 February 2011

Pirates from the North- History of England by David Crowther

Dave Crowther is obviously enjoying this bit of his story, and it makes for an enjoyable listen as well.  England is attacked, along with a great many other places, by fast moving heathen thugs.  Its lock up your daughters, lock up your churches and bury your treasure time.

This episode considers the new thinking about the Vikings that has emerged in recent years.  The modern picture is of a bunch of metrosexual new men just as happy to do a bit of trading or metalwork and whose reputation for bloodthirsty violence is grossly exagerrated  It is considered for about two minutes, and then totally ignored as we hear about all the violence and bloodshed that is diligently recorderd  in the historical record.   We get to just before the accession of Alfred the Great.  Recommended.

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  1. David Crowther is quite superb. I hope he starts to get the recognition he deserves.