Thursday, 17 March 2011

The China History Podcast: CHP-007-RB-The Empress Wu Zetian-REBROADCAST

 The China History podcast isn't done in chronological order, so I don't see any particular need to review them in the order that they are broadcast either.  As I know very little about Chinese history I just dip into the backlog and pick out that shows like this one that look interesting.

This one covers the highly colourful Empress Wu Zetian. She is the only woman ever to have ruled China officially in her own right. She obviously didn't manage that without a lot of intrigue and skulduggery. Unfortunately we don't have any reliable accounts of her activities during her rise to power. It is in the nature of the that kind of thing that it doesn't leave any written records, not if it is done right at any rate. But she does sound like a character.

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