Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Model Nazi - New Books in History Catherine Epstein

Whatever you think of top Nazis, having affairs with pianists doesn't spring to mind.  When you look at the things the Nazis did it is hard to think of them as normal people at all.  But of course they might be monsters, but that doesn't stop them being humans.

This book looks at the career of Arther Greiser, who counts as a monster in anyone's book.  He set up the first Jewish ghetto and started the process of converting a section of Poland into a fully ethnic part of Germany.  This involved some pretty horrific actions.  But this book looks at his from his point of view.  His motivations turn out to be not so much demonic but more to do with the kinds of jockeying for position you get in most office politics.  Horrifying still, but a bit familiar as well.  This is a gripping podcast when it gets going, but be warned there is rather a lot of introductory stuff before it warms up.

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