Saturday, 9 July 2011

Death of the Republic - Hard Core History Dan Carlin

The notorious 5 and a half podcast has taken me so long to listen to it has actually a hiatus in this week's podcast reviews.  Sorry for missing a couple of reviews this week.

So is it any good?  Yes it is, if you have the time to listen to it.  There are no natural breaks so if you can't block off half a day to listen in a single sitting you might just as well stop at any point.

Did it need to be that long- well maybe not.  It could have been edited down a bit without too much loss.  

But there is something quite relaxing about knowing whose company you are going to be in for the next few podcast listening sessions.   I enjoyed it.  It is a bit like having a child.  You don't regret doing it, but you would think twice about doing it again.

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