Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Byzantine Empire by Charles William Chadwick-Oman

Somebody at Librivox came up with the wizard wheeze of loading some of their catalogue onto iTunes.  This is a great way of listening because you just download each episode when you have finished the previous one.  Genius.  But of course you might find it easier to download straight from the Librivox site as well.  Librivox recordings are done by enthusiastic amateurs to whom we should all be grateful, but inevitably some people have better voices for listening to than others.  The Byzantine Empire series is one of the better ones.  This is very traditional history as story telling in the Victorian vein.  To be fair, when Charles William Chadwick Oman wrote it, this was a pioneering style.  It is out of fashion now with academic historians but does make for a good listen.  If getting lost in the webs and intrigues of the Byzantine Empire is something that appeals to you, this is a good way to do it.


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