Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dan Carlin - Destroyer of Podcast Feeds

The mad bastard is at it again.  Dan Carlin realised he had a problem with book length podcast series that lasted longer than some ancient civilisations.  In an attempt to solve this he came up with the idea for what he called blitz editions.  These were supposed to be a quick look at a specific subject.  Most history lovers would get the analogy - Blitzkrieg was a war predicated on rapid movement and early achievement of the military objectives.

However this has turned out to bear no relationship whatever to how the so called blitz editions are turning out.  The latest one, Destroyer of Worlds, looks at the effect the nuclear bomb has had on post 1945 politics and the minutia of how it actually worked during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It is a great show full of information, insight and unique observations.  But it weighs in at just short of six hours.  For comparison, it took the Blitzkrieg attack on Holland four days, or 96 hours to achieve its objective.  You could invade a sixteenth of a European country in the time it takes to listen to this podcast.

It is a great listen, but it is no trivial matter to schedule such a big item into your podcast feed knowing it will obliterate all your other listening for many hours to come.  It's an awesome responsibility.  Only you can decide, and once you have pressed the play button there is no going back.

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