Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Battle of Oudenarde - Historyzine

Historyzine is a podcast magazine about history podcasts.  It is presented by Jim Mowatt who would win a Gold Medal if being enthusiastic about history podcasts was an Olympic sport.  He reviews other podcasts and always finds lots of good things to say about them.  I think he is only critical because he feels that as a critic he should be, but even when he is finding fault he seems to do it in a way that makes the podcasts he is talking about sound good.

He is also running his own account of the War of Spanish Succession.  So he's not afraid to tackle tough tasks.   The battle of Oudenarde was one of the stellar victories of the Duke of Marlborough.  If you like really getting into the nitty gritty of a battle, this is one you'll enjoy.  But it isn't straight military history.  The political and personal aspects are covered fully as well.

Only one caveat - this episode came out last summer.  It may well be that this podcast has been abandoned so you may not get to hear what happened next.


  1. It's a heck of a long time since I last put out an episode of Historyzine.
    The series isn't abandoned but life has got incredibly busy so it's had to take a back seat for a while. I can't say when the next episode will be available but I can promise that there will be more episodes. I adore doing this podcast and will continue to do it as soon as I manage to grab ahold of some free time. Many thanks for the review

  2. Good to hear Jim. I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to hearing more.

  3. I recently found this podcast, and ran through it in it's entirety in less than 2 weeks. Is there still a plan to continue time becomes available, or shall I give up hope?