Friday, 8 April 2011

Julius is a Punk Rocker - Death Throes of the Republic V- Dan Carlin

There are plenty of accounts of the fall of the Roman republic.  If you want to know what happened this is as good as any of them, but where it really scores is the way Dan brings the people and the events to life.

The show opens with a brief digression on what it must be like to be crucified.  (Not a lot of fun, as it happens.)  We meet some of the better known characters in this episode including the best known of them all.  Julius Ceasar, who is one of the few historical figures that absolutely everyone has heard of, is described as a punk rocker.

It is a long podcast, but that is a good thing because you can really get absorbed in it.  Make a sandwich, you won't want to switch it off.

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