Tuesday, 28 June 2011

1066 and Goodbye to all that - History of England Dave Crowther

 This podcast so far has been about stuff that not many people know much about. In this episode for the first time we hear stuff that everyone in England knows all about.  1066 is notoriously the only date that most English people ever remember from their school history.

Dave acknowledges that he isn't coming up with much new and graciously invites people who know the story already to give this week's episode a miss.  To be honest, if you do know the story you might as well.  But if you don't, this is pretty much the standard version you can find anywhere and is as good a place to learn it as anywhere else.  If you want a really good account of the battle, sadly not yet podcasted anywhere, by anyone Edward Creasey's chapter from 15 Decisive Battles of World History is superb.  (Thanks to Colin of History Books Review for pointing that one out to me.)


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