Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mussolini - World War 2 History Ray Harris Junior

Scoundrels are much more interesting than saints.   In episodes 3 to 5 of this podcast we are introduced to one of the all time scoundrels of history, one time fascist dictator of Italy, Mussolini. 

Compared to the steely evil genius of Hitler, Mussolini comes across as a buffoon.   He plays the clown to Hitler's straight man. As his life is revealed we see him as an egotist, a crook, a womaniser, a bully and above all as a coward.  Few men who have reached the very top rank in their countries have so few redeeming features as this wretched playboy.  He is a small time crook operating on the big time.  We all know it is going to end out badly, but if you didn't you would have guessed anyway.

It is well worth checking out this podcast to learn about the time when Italy was run by a man without even the morals of a brothel keeper and contemptuous disdain for democracy and legality.  Thank God it couldn't happen today.

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