Monday, 13 June 2011

World War II series - History of World War 2 Podcast Ray Harris Jnr

I have changed my mind about this podcast.  Initially I thought it was one that might take a while to get into its stride, but now I have spent some time with it I have begun to appreciate it a lot more.  There are a couple of good points that you pick up quickly.  Like most amateur historians he is good at picking out what is interesting to general listeners rather than other academics, and he doesn't assume a lot of knowledge on the part of the listener.  He also has a very clear speaking voice and tells the story quite well.

But the thing that marks this podcast out as one that commands your attention is something that you don't get for a while.  It is the pace of the story.  He is in no hurry to get through the material and this means that you get a sense of the events unfolding steadily.  World War 2 is a big subject and this generous approach to it does it justice.  

I just hope he can keep it up.  Doing the whole war at this level of detail is going to be a big big project.  Good luck if you are reading this Ray.


  1. Has RH given up? His web ioste domain seems to be up for sale

  2. Found this page through a Google search. The link here is dead, but further googling finds the podcast residing at