Sunday, 2 January 2011

2 Cent History - Shot Heard Around the World

I got an e-mail from the author of a new podcast about the start of the American War of Independence.  It is up on libsyn with an RSS feed set up, and you can directly access the podcasts at

The e-mail gave a website link but at time of writing it isn't up.

This is a podcast that has had a lot of work put into it.  It has a huge amount of research behind it and the sound quality is excellent.  Neither of these things necessarily make a podcast worth listening to.  But the story is told with animation and in a way that is very engaging.  The style is a bit reminiscent of Dan Carlin, though not quite as dramatic.  The episodes are quite long, over 40 minutes so good if you want to immerse yourself.  Not so good for a quick car trip.

There are three episodes up out of 5 promised.   The first couple are pretty good, and go into a lot of detail.  He also gives a lot of his personal opinion, which makes the podcast more interesting than a simple account.   As another bonus, he knows the geography of the Boston region well which gives another extra angle to it.

All in all, an interesting project and well worth investigating.

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