Monday, 3 January 2011

Europe from its Origins Episode 19 1347-1396

Joe Hogarty is aiming to take his series all the way to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the standard of each show is higher than the one before.  We haven't got to the Renaissance yet so there is still a lot to look forward to.

The big events in this episode are the fall of Constantinople and the Black Death, but the main theme seems to be to rescue the Middle Ages from the condescension of later generations.  Medieval Europe was a Christian society and was not marred by the nationalism that was to cause so many wars later on.  The idea that it was an age of primitive superstition and ignorance encouraged by a backward looking clergy is a parody.

These at any rate are Joe's points, and they are backed up with impressive arguments and effective visuals.  This is getting to be a podcast you have to sit down to watch and concentrate on rather than one to keep you entertained on a car journey.

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