Sunday, 16 January 2011

Norman Centuries - Episode 11 The Great Count

Roger de Hauteville was the youngest of twelve sons - remarkable enough thing in itself when you think about it.  This gave him a distinct disadvantage in the Medieval world.   He also married for love, again not typical for someone of his class at that time.  And he carved out a kingdom on Sicily at the expense of the muslims living there.

Lars tells the story clearly, making it easy to follow and leaving you better informed than when you started.  I can't help thinking that the story of the Normans is one that is simply going to peter out though as they get more incorporated into the mainstream of European culture.  This means that we are really getting a set of biographies rather than a developing story. So although I am sure I'll enjoy the next one I can't really say I am waiting for it to come out.

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